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Last sunday I went to Brescia for the live performance of Loreena McKennitt. This was the second and last Italian date on her 2008 Summer Tour in Europe. I arrived in Brescia at noon, went to the hotel for a nap, and then met with wonderful [livejournal.com profile] taurie_2020 and [livejournal.com profile] ewyn. Chat (I last seen them in November at "Lucca Comics and Games"), coffee, and then an early dinner at a Japanese restaurant (sushi, yay!). Then we said our goodbyes and I went to Piazza Duomo for the concert (yes, it was in the open).

I think that in the end it was a sold out. Surely the place looked full. Since I booked online a couple of months ago, I had a wonderful seat in the 7th row, and I could see everything well.

Loreena and her wonderful musicians (as far as I can tell they were the same people I saw in Milan 10 years ago, with one or two additions) began to play at 21:30 and gifted the audience with two hours of marvelous music. If they are very, VERY good on studio albums, a live performance is simply stunningly beautiful and emotional. They played songs from several albums, both from the recent and the older works. I particularly appreciated "The Highwayman", possibly my favorite song in her repertoire, and "Santiago", which is mostly an instrumental piece (the sung part is without lyrics). It was wonderful to see this group of people perform and clearly enjoy themselves very much... while playing they often smile and search each other with their eyes. Besides the wonderful music (how many times I am writing "wonderful" and "beautiful"?) they are able to communicate their joy in performing the music... as it was the another time I have sen them live, the concert was a real treat. Luckily the weather spared us, and the storm only brushed Brescia (while here in Milan made a mess).
After the concert I went back to the hotel, slept like a rock and then came back here in Milan (I am here I think until September, sadly not on vacation but for work... but I get to dog-sit my parents' dog, Yuki aka the pest).

About beautiful things, yesterday I received "Shadows Return", the latest book in the Nightrunners series by Lynn Flewelling (bows at the Goddess).


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